Recently I’ve been asked to provide answer is there a solution that is able to store specific email messages or email conversations to SharePoint. I’ve started some digging around and found that there is Out of the Box ability of SharePoint and Outlook 2007 that provides solution.

Probably, you know about SharePoint lists ability to connect them to Outlook.

When you open almost any type of library, click Actions and then Connect to Outlook.

After that you will be able to have online/offline content in your Outlook. If you connect SharePoint Calendar or Contacts to Outlook 2007 you WILL BE ABLE to add Calendar and Contact in Outlook and they will be synched to SharePoint.

But, what about emails? There is specific type of library called Discussion List that is being able to provide same ability to email as Calendar and Contacts to their Item types. Process is pretty straight forward.

On SharePoint create new Discussion list called “Business correspondences”

Connect it to Outlook (Action > Connect to Outlook)

In Outlook drag and drop specific emails into SharePoint library, or create rule for important contacts that copies/moves messages to SharePoint list

Email fields like Sender, Subject and attachment will be automatically parsed and you will be able to track them in SharePoint. One of good things is ability of discussion list that it can recognize replies to subject and store them hierarchically with removing the prefix “RE: “. This gives you the option to create specific views against list that groups items by unique subject.